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Another chance at greatness...

To add to our ever-growing list of competitions running at the moment, ad-industry bible Shots is sponsoring its annual Young Photographers' Competition. Degree-level photography students are invited to submit work that interprets the theme of "Chapter 3..." in any way they like, with the best 60 entries featuring in the Shots directory - a great way to be noticed by the world's advertising community. Runners-up and the overall winner will receive the most exposure in the directory, so lots of incentive to send in the pick of your fantastic portfolios. For more information and to enter, visit the Shots project site before 31st July.


  1. Bobbo
    03:28 8 Apr 2013
    A piece of erudtiion unlike any other!
  2. Thiago
    13:20 10 Apr 2013
    Ixvukoh naravoucenije od gore pomunetih slobodnih gradjana Preseva;ako vojska i eventualno zandarmerija,ali nasa,ona koja stiti svoje gradjane, Ustav i Poredak, Zakone, obeca pomoc i Srbi ce moci mirno i slobodno da izraze svoja nezadovoljstva.Jedino nece mahati tudjim drzavnim zastavama vec zastavom svoje zemlje.A ako zakasne, ako svi zakasne,vijorice se tudja.