by Liberty Ross .

Another Journey

Hello SHOWstudio!!

I wanted to begin my blogging journey with you all just by saying how unbelievably grateful I am at having a voice on my most favourite website. I am truly honoured to have this space and I hope you will enjoy what I choose to share.

You may have seen some of the work Nick and I have done for SHOW already - my most favourite being our "Dress Me Up Dress Me Down" project. Nick is my hero. I have been a huge fan of his for as long as I can remember - way before I started modelling. I think one of the first books I ever bought was his SKINHEAD book, still a favourite.

So It was a dream come true when I was asked to shoot the first issue of POP magazine with him. I remember being extremely nervous but something told me we would click.  And I believe we did. Together we produced an astonishing story with Katie Grand and John Galliano's card board cut outs from his Carnival collection. (I believe John still has the story stuck to his
fridge!). And from there we did all manner of incredible art together - from Dior to Vogue to Pirelli.

Each and every time has been a remarkable journey for me - a way of working that allows me complete freedom to explore. And so the story continues…