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AP post production, in camera!

With the film for the new Agent Provocateur Bridal Collaboration entering its final stages, you may be picturing Nick Knight and a pack of flame artists, huddled around a computer in a NoHo production suite? Oh, no! Today, instead, the team will attempt to capture all post-production effects 'in camera'. For this, the film shot in January will be projected over a number of abstract objects collected on set, to bring them into clarity. Sounds complicated? Well, you'll just have to watch how it's done: we'll be streaming live from the set until 17:00hrs UK Time today.

NB: Some scenes will be projected into blackness, so be prepared for a dark picture.

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  1. Sandrine
    13:56 22 Apr 2008
    A little beam of light in the blackness: it's like watching NotI!