by Penny Martin .

Araki on the front row of Limi Yamamoto


  1. millefoglie
    14:00 15 Mar 2007
    He is not Araki. He is Kodan Nanbu from Tokyo Shock boys... Araki is older and he has gray hair, although he is bold.
  2. PennyMartin
    14:14 15 Mar 2007
    No way! Everyone was whispering it was him. Well, at least I'm now free from the shameful embarassment of my camera failing to work first time ;-).
  3. millefoglie
    02:47 16 Mar 2007
    Sorry, his correct name is Torata Nambu. He is a member of a Japanese crazy performance group, known as "Tokyo Shock Boys."
    Well, that's true they look alike each other, in a way..
  4. chiccasax
    12:00 5 Apr 2007