by Penny Martin .

Arena Hommes Plus - very out!!

A definitive response to the enquiries we've received about the print results of BEASTING: Arena Hommes Plus is out and Nick and Simon have the cover!! Congratulations to the magazine on a courageous choice: this future classic stands out like the Belicia Beacon amid a sea of anodyne cover imagery this season.


  1. EmileSadria
    11:38 30 Mar 2007
    Awesome cover !
  2. GalileosUniverse
    12:43 30 Mar 2007
    ...a modern Minotaur !!...Cool
  3. st.valentine
    01:19 31 Mar 2007
    i wondered why i hadn't seen it on magazine racks yet. i wonder when shipments reach the west coast of the united states...
  4. beanlo
    17:14 2 Apr 2007
    Future classic? Good one Penny...
  5. AF
    04:03 26 Oct 2008
    OK! yes, i had this issue! Loved it. But now it's gone. I need to know the name of a place in India that was featured in this issue - it was a small colony of Creatives...Please help me out...