by Dan Challis .

Kukula's illustrations for AW13 couture are available to buy now

We are excited to announce that the illustrations covering the AW13 couture collections are now available to purchase through SHOWstudio Shop! Nick Knight invited Israeli fine artist Kukula to illustrate the likes of Jean Paul Gautier, Chanel and others, capturing the essence of their stand out looks in her unique figurative style. The pieces are an affordable addition to any budding fashion illustration collection and are available to buy online and in store now!

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  1. Mica
    08:33 1 Sep 2013
    Tom and Jon you guys MUST read the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man (the first 133 isseus). Also Mark Millar's run on The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men were good. Don't bother with the new Ultimate comics you'll hate yourself if you read the new Ultimate stuff. The Ultimate U is what got me into reading comics, so I have this connection to it where I HAVE to read every Ultimate title. Thankfully I have bargain bins and Half-Price Books to help make it cheaper for me to do that Bendis running out of ideas for the Avengers two years ago? Tom, you're being too nice Agreed about Alias. That was a good comic. And yes her superhero name was Jewel. What about Kitty Pryde and Colossus??? As an X-Men fan I am disappointed in you guys (jk). The only reason their relationship comes to mind right away is because last weekend I re-read/read Joss Whedon's entire run on Astonishing X-Men in 24 hours. That is some of the best comic booking ever done. It reminded me of why I read comics and why I want to be a comic book writer. Also Invincible and Atom Eve's relationship is great too. (another comic you guys need to read, btw) You can feel the love this two have for each other through the pages of the comic. Ryan Ottley is the MASTER at drawing expressions and he takes Kirkman's story and draws masterpiece after masterpiece. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman's relationship should be explored more. I just want this two to hook up already!!! Jean Grey and Scott Summers! Another couple that needs to hook up FOREVER (at least once Jean returns to life then Scott can be cool again and so writers can stop teasing the return of Jean Grey OVER and OVER and OVER). I'm really liking the coloring is being used in Hickman's newest indie comics. It's very thought provoking. Good episode guys! This show always manages to make me smile a lot which I appreciate because the world needs more smiles and I need more laughs! Keep up the good work!