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Atsuko Kudo: Selling Sex uncut footage now available

Transform your dressing rituals with a masterclass in putting on clothes - well, latex - the pleasurable way from the duo behind Atsuko Kudo. Coinciding with the display of Kudo's Armour for Prostitutes in SHOWstudio's Selling Sex exhibition, our Dressing for Pleasure LiveStudio saw the latex doyenne and her uniformed dressing duo slowly apply layers of their second-skin creations to gorgeous model Viktorija Skyte - transforming her from a nude statue to a fearsome fetishistic Superwoman. Subverting the strip tease, the broadcast offers a potent exploration of the dialogue between clothing and empowerment.

From stockings to choker, then gloves to whip, watch each garment go on in our exclusive uncut footage, available in full now for twenty-four hours.