by Lou Stoppard .

Atsuko Kudo's 'Restricted Love'

You wouldn't typically associate latex and lingerie with female emancipation. But, Lingerie London - an evening dedicated to all of Britain's best smalls and drawers - promises just that, in the form of a catwalk show at Old Billingsgate that will explore the empowerment of women through luxury lingerie. Showing as part of the presentation will be latex expert Atsuko Kudo, making this event home to one of the first ever full-scale ladies latex-wear shows.

Kudo's latest collection will be going on a romantic wander by exploring unfulfilled love. Drawing on Wong Kar-wai’s film In the Mood For Love, the range will play with bitter-sweet emotions, presenting a vision of a woman 'walking and living through memories, existing in sensuality, sexuality, self expression, liberation, pain and joy.' The toying between suppression and expression is aptly fetishistic for a designer who, since 2000, has chosen to work solely with latex.

To get a sneak peak at the looks that will be on show, check out these exclusive sketches and swatches from Atsuko herself or, for a masterclass in how to swath oneself in latex, revisit our sensual Dressing For Pleasure LiveStudio from our Selling Sex series. For more rubbernecking, tune into SHOWstudio later this week for full images and backstage action from the show.


  1. Camille Lingerie
    09:41 13 Nov 2012
    I love these designs. I love how original they are, especially the second design, and the patterns and colours that have been used.
  2. Linda
    17:54 8 Jan 2013
    Wow. Latex is not a fabric that I have for one intsnat associated with high fashion, style or elegance Until I saw this post. You really do have a knack for styling, particularly monochromatic pieces, and by putting yourself in it, you intsnatly took this design to a new level of sophistication. Although I have to admit that I a: do not understand the Underworld series and b: have no plans to experiment with latex fashions any time in the foreseeable future, you do call to mind Kate Beckinsale's death dealing character and make the possibility of dressing like a fantasy character seem infinitely more appealing to conversatively dressed girls like me xox,Cee