by Alexander Fury .

Awful doesn't begin to describe it...

'Awful' is seldom a word used by any aspiring photographer to describe their work, but neverthless it's one of just three adjectives chosen by Matt Irwin for his latest solo exhibition - the other being, perhaps more understandably, 'Punk' and 'Perfect'. With equal honesty, Irwin describes his start as 'taking pictures of fucked up, lo-fi punk kids' - and the immediacy of this point-and-shoot aesthetic can still be felt in his editorial work, albeit for the slightly less lo-fi likes of V Magazine, Self Service and numerous international Vogue editions. His third solo exhibition, 'PUNK. PERFECT. AWFUL.' promises more of the same - inspired suitably enough by a Hole lyric, Irwin intends the exhibition to link his earlier work with his arguably more polished, and certainly more fashion-focussed, current output. That said, the work is no less about the subject, and certainly no less personal: witness the above film or, more abstractly, the above 'moving still' - of model Lara Stone. Despite her star status (the girl is, after all, the sole star of the February issue of the ever-influential French Vogue), Irwin's film avoids the glitz of fashion for the grit of reality, getting just about as close-up and personal as possible. If you fancy more of the same, the above is just an edit of the five-minute final due to be projected as part of Irwin's opening on Friday, alongside live DJ sets from Erol Alkan, Dunhill designer Kim Jones and Jim Stanton.

'PUNK. PERFECT. AWFUL.' by Matt Irwin runs from 20 February 2009 to 11 March 2009 at Cordy House, Curtain Road, London

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  1. ms_elli_ioannou
    07:02 19 Feb 2009
    the preview film is far from awful, i love the raw feel /look and the models'
    openness/directness, there's not boundaries between her and the viewer,
    and great choice of soundtrack,
    however, this technique is a great homage ?? to the fabulous mr Andy Warhol and his 15 min "still portraits" shot on film,
    however as i havent seen the complete 5 minutes, i can only comment on the preview,
    still a fabulous piece !