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Aza Shade stars in The Misfortune of Desire
Watch the film by Sarah Piantadosi.

SHOWstudio are excited to launch The Misfortune of Desire, a film by Sarah Piantadosi, starring artist and Manflu front woman Aza Shade. Created during an editorial shoot for Under the Influence, the film features styling by AnOther magazine's Ellie Grace Cumming and a soundtrack of spoken word by Lydia Lunch, on which the title of the piece is based. Grace Cumming described the concept behind the shoot- 'Aza has a variety of different 'guises' when she performs in her band, and we wanted to reflect that.' On the combination of soundtrack and casting for she film, she explained, 'it felt very appropriate to use Lydia Lunch with Aza are they are both such powerful and spirited characters.

Accompanying The Misfortune of Desire are screenshots of an email exchange between Shade and our own Nick Knight. Visit the project now to watch the fashion film and read the creative exchange between Knight and Shade!