by Laura Bradley .

Barbie at Dover Street Market

The 'A Small Piece of Mind' fabric quillt
Gareth's Ken with Danielle and Roksanda's Barbies

Last night saw the grand opening of the temporary in-store Barbie boutique at Dover Street Market in situ for the next two weeks. Having taken over the store's ground floor windows with an oversized Barbie head sculpture, the boutique incorporates merchandise curated by Henry Holland such as watches, a diamond pendant, sunglasses, a lavish limited edition book and a Barbie-inspired collection designed by Jeremy Scott. Part of a succession of international events to celebrate her 50th anniversary, the boutique's main attraction is a series of limited edition designer Barbies courtesy of London based designers Roksanda Ilincic and Danielle Scutt and a partnering Ken doll designed by Gareth Pugh. Scutt's doll wears a denim look from her S/S '09 collection whereas Ilincic's version mixes a look from her S/S '09 collection with a specially designed Swarovski dress. Pugh has totally transformed Ken, giving him a striking mohawk and dressing him in a black patent jacket inspired by his debut menswear show for A/W '09. Organised by PR supremo Mandi Lennard (who had dyed her hair pink especially for the event) the opening pulled in fashion's finest including Stephen Jones, Lulu Kennedy and Carri Mundane, each of whom went home with a goodie bag containing limited edition Barbie collector box sets from the past six decades.

Meanwhile East London's Redchurch Street played host to the opening of A Little Piece of Mind, an exhibition showcasing a 1.75m x 1.75m fabric patchwork quilt incorporating submissions from 86 creatives, alongside a digital 'quilt' by our very own Ross Phillips. With the project's chief intention to benefit of number of charitable organisations, the fabric quilt was put up for auction, raising £9,500 for UK Shelter and The Bowery Mission in New York. Each asked to donate a small fabric square of their choice, many of the contributions came courtesy of a stellar list of fashion personalities including Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney. The real trick came in trying to match up the fabric square and the creative. Some easier to determine than others: a black and silver camouflage jacquard swatch hailing from Giles Deacon's recent S/S '09 collection, Fred Butler's 3-D patchwork realised in her trademark rainbow palette and Boudicca's deceptive white cotton square that transforms into a blue floral print only when sprayed with their WODE Paint fragrance.

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  1. Lindelwa
    18:55 17 Aug 2012
    Am I the only one that modeled her enirte childhood after the life of Samantha Parkington? In addition to matching dresses, nightgowns, and even bloomers, my doll and I shared all kinds of wonderful accessories and pastimes. We wore rosebud circlets and lacy pinafores to tea parties at the Biltmore. We donned Bertha collar starched white dresses and parasols to make button boxes at Montgomery Place. When school began, I was surprised that we were the only ones carrying the Baldwin Primer in our book straps and brass tea tins containing watercress sandwiches wrapped in embroidered napkins. Ah, to be a young Victorian again!