by Paul Hetherington .

Basel set up with Swiss efficiency

The sum total of yesterday's exhibition set up was getting a lorry through Swiss customs and managing to unload it. We didn't even have a knife handy to open some of the works and take a look. But Federico, project manager from Italian agency, Sartoria (our creative co-partners), was entirely relaxed about it.

As predicted, today is another story, and a team of specialists are going about the build and set up of 29 works with the sort of cool efficiency you would expect from the Swiss. The grey squares are not a minimalist study in monochrome, nice as it is, but shows a test picture on a 2.5m x 2.5m LED screen, due to feature Sølve Sundsbø's video installation "Freestyle".

Other pictures show glimpses of Rebecca and Mike's "Goal!", Jiggery Pokery's "Just for Kicks" and works by +41, Pfadfinderei, Rae Martini, Patrik Soderstam and Claudio Sinatti.

Look out for more additions to the 1-1 project on SHOWstudio over the next few days.

A reminder that the 1-1 Art of Football exhibition opens tomorrow, June 4, and runs until the 8th. If you are here for Art Basel, please drop by 18 Spitalstrasse between 14:00–20:00 and take a look!