by Nick Knight .

Beijing Trip with Swarovski

The Entrance to the Swarovski fashion show
Gemma Ward caught in photographers' lights at her press conference

Things have been a bit of a whirl since the 24-hour YSL broadcast, but in the week preceding it, Charlotte and I were guests of Swarovski at a lavish event and night of general merriment staged in Beijing to mark their new presence in China. This picture phone snap of Gemma Ward was taken at the press conference she gave after the fashion show. It was packed; they clearly adore her in China, and she handled the whole affair with grace, charm and elegance. A rare star indeed.


  1. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    17:30 3 Aug 2007
    Gemma was on the front of the first Chinese Vogue, wasn't she? Why is it that such a Anglo Saxon face type and fair complexion appeals to the Chinese market?
  2. joanneK
    18:35 3 Aug 2007
    Perhaps because it's the polar opposite of their aesthetic? Grass-is-greener complex..
  3. GalileosUniverse
    10:22 6 Aug 2007, perfect & sophisticated marketing is absolutely and totally irresistible in every society...imagine how intoxicating it must be where equals do not exactly exist ?....' Hollywood is just a dream....' as the song goes...
  4. YihanChang
    21:41 7 Aug 2007
    Growing up I was mesmerized by the pale complexions of Westerners and the big eyes with defined creases and jawlines. I was always told that kind of features are the "perfect" features and I remember myself trying to make myself look whiter. In Asia, unfortunately we do still see that whiteness represents pureness and innocence and these days, many young asian women still go to extremes to look more westernized. I was born with natural big eyes and darker skin and despite the dark skin, people were envious of my eyes and wondered if I've had plastic surgery. When I moved to America, Westerners didn't care for my big eyes but were more interested in classic small-eyed styles but they loved my bronzed complexions! Seemed like a lose-lose situation no matter which continent I'm in..14 years later when I finally went back to Taiwan again, I couldn't go through one day without at least one person telling me I should try whitening products...such distortion of the perfect beauty
  5. GalileosUniverse
    05:16 8 Aug 2007
    ....but that also happens in America , Europe and Latin America, India where many dark skin people use skin whitening products for social reasons....and even more, among many very dark colour people the closer you are to the lighter shades the better your stand in society ...that I find very weird !!!. ...I know for sure in places like Curacao, Suriname black people with lighter black skin are considered 'better 'or less say ' superior'....translating it in better chances in society...the difference is people generally don't talk about it in the open ...totally incredible but true !!...the paradox is that Northern Europeans find a tanned skin a lot more attractive than the white pale complexions....yes white might symbolically represent ' purity ' and 'innocence'...but in this case it seems to me totally distorted....the funny thing is that black people in Europe are more proud of their colour than their counterparts in their country of I have experienced it.... and have no complexes about it...that is the way it should be....In the end it is who you are and how you treat your fellow men that counts than the colour of the skin.......
  6. Daisy
    05:10 8 Apr 2013
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