by Penny Martin .

Bernhard Willhelm pleases his loyal crowd

Bernhard Willhelm's models dance around a makeshift maypole before ascending three sets of open staircases for inspection by an appreciative crowd.

At 21:30 hours when the rest of the fashion pack were at dinner, the hard core members of the press that were waiting for Bernhard Willhelm's show to start were absolutely baying by the time the first models came out. They weren't disappointed, that is if garments influenced by various types of national dress, artichokes and leeks on wooden staffs, metallic hi-tops, ritualistic processions and chaotic soundtracks from the film Poltergeist are what inspire you. It may have appeared at times like a rather delightful rehearsal for the fête scene in The Wicker Man as a presentation, there were some beautiful and relatively straight garments in there. Proof, if it were needed that fashion doesn't always need to be serious; just serious about fashion.