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Betony Vernon talks sex, spanking and seduction

Last month, armed with a selection of her beautifully crafted sex objects, Betony Vernon visited SHOWstudio to talk about her new book, The Boudoir Bible, with Lou Stoppard. The candid interview sees Vernon discuss her sex-positive stance and the extensive research behind the book, which offers an uninhibited guide to twenty-first century sex, including practices like rope bondage and erotic flagellation.

In the wake of our successful Selling Sex and Fashion Fetish initiatives, SHOWstudio is proud to launch a new project about the book, which features a candid interview with Betony Vernon, a gallery of all the book's beautiful illustrations by Francois Berthoud and an opportunity to purchase your own copy of the sexual bible from SHOWstudio shop. 

The extensive interview sees Vernon candidly discuss her journey into all things sexual, initially as a fine erotic jeweller, then as founder of a members-only salon, a sex consultant and author of Paradise Found and now The Boudoir Bible. Vernon explains that her most recent literary contribution is a guide that aims to shift attention away from using sex to sell commodities towards sexual well-being and satisfaction. She goes on to say that, ‘The primary goal of The Boudoir Bible is to dismantle taboo, helping lovers recognise pleasure-inhibiting myths, uproot misconceptions, reverse the negative effects of social conditioning, and take full responsibility for their sexual satisfaction’.  

Enjoy the interview, or peruse the illustration gallery, which is full of focused lines that map out the genitals, various erotic accessories and bondage knotting techniques. And remember, for full access to Vernon’s engaging and detailed text, you can purchase a copy of The Boudoir Bible from our Shop. Take a peek inside The Boudoir Bible now...

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  1. Marina
    08:44 12 May 2013
    - Really digging the skeomy eye makeup. I also have to say there is something about the models eyes, nose and lips, they are practically perfect and work perfectly together. Man she is a looker for sure.I am a sucker for a good makeup artist!