by Ben Knight Evans .

Bishi LIVE from 19:30 (GMT) Today!

Ahead of today's Live Studio session, the last part of SHOWstudio's Florist show, we made a visit to Bishi in the middle of rehearsals and asked her a bit about what we can expect. In an impressive costume created for her by a 'petit-main' who has worked with Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix, she took a breather to explain some of the influences behind the work and the various different influences and collaborations that form her music.

Could you explain to those less familiar with your work a bit about what it is you do?

My performances reflect a cross section of my interests in music, fine art, fashion, technology... with some theatrics thrown in in for good measure! I've been interested in combining projections and sculptural outfits for some time and have found the visual arts and fashion to be more open minded in experimenting with performance.

I think pop and indie music is a little afraid to make people think these days. I've been inspired by the social commentary of bands like The Specials, The Who & Pulp. Britain has a rich history of songwriting over many genres that reflects a relationship between the songwriter, his social surroundings and his landscape. Songs like 'Critical Eye,' & 'One Nation {under CCTV}' talk about how surveillance-crazy our culture has become and my Indian roots also reflect in my song writing, 'Ride the Tiger,' is about the goddess Kali.

Collaboration is an important aspect of your performance and work, how have you developed this and who has contributed to this Live Studio session?

I've been involved with running night clubs since the age of 14- I was one of the founders of the night club 'Kashpoint!' and nightclubs allowed me to come into contact with many people and experiment visually. A lot of the film makers are people I know from the days of Kashpoint. For this project [that features films by Liza Angst, Peter T Breen, The Bardo Lightshow, Morgan O'Donovan and Noriko Okaku], it's been a unique process to work with each film maker as they all come from very different artistic backgrounds & aesthetics. This has given the show a unique look. Most of all, they've all been so wonderful and committed that I feel that my friendships have grown with each of them.

What else can we expect from the show?

I open with an interpretation of Laurie Anderson's 'From the Air'. I'm a huge fan of Laurie Anderson, she was a pioneer of combing music, visual art, technology & performance, as well as being a chart topping sensation. 'From the Air' is a song about the crash of civilisation. Our world has experienced one of the biggest economic down turns of modern history, in which the poorest and most vulnerable are paying the price. 'From the Air' has a timeless wisdom that I found resonated with our current political situation. It may sound like a peculiar way to begin a pop show, but I'm tired of the meaningless generic drivel dished out by TV karaoke shows and empty songs auto-tuned within an inch of their lives! Anderson was able to be radical and to reach out the mainstream - 'Oh Superman' smashed into the top 5 of the UK chart and from this I draw enormous inspiration.

Bishi's Live Studio performance, the last in our Florist series, is broadcast live from 19:30 (GMT) today (Thursday 20th January).

Ben Knight Evans