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Bishi Performs LIVE from 19:30 GMT this Thursday!

The final LiveStudio performance of our Florist show starts at 19:30 GMT tomorrow, when singer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Bishi takes up residence to stage a spectacular live performance especially conceived for the occasion. In a multi-faceted outfit constructed of curved surfaces to mimic the petals of a flower, Bishi will interact with immersive projections of seven films from a selection of contemporary artists - Liza Angst, Peter T Breen, The Bardo Lightshow, Morgan O’Donovan and Noriko Okaku. Captured in a single take, the frame of the camera becomes a proscenium arch for Bishi to perform within, the surfaces of flesh, fabric and studio creating an undulating canvas for visual projections alongside Bishi's ever-powerful music.

Tune in to the LiveStudio for a sensory overload courtesy of Bishi, from 19:30 GMT tomorrow!