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Blackberry and Vice Style Visionaries - Nick Knight

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BlackBerry and Vice Style have collaborated to showcase a selection of fashion's leading Visionaries, looking not only at established taste-makers but also at up-and-coming individuals who are making fashion tick right now. Each Visionary not only discusses their love of fashion and their chosen career, but also highlights a new fashion talent they feel is worthy of special attention. The Visionaries series has thusfar included celebrated blogger Diane Pernet, groundbreaking British designer Gareth Pugh and acclaimed fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben, all firm favourites for many a year. In the same vein, the latest visionary is Nick Knight, who selected fashion director Alex Fury as a new voice in the fashion industry worth listening to. Watch the film above for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Alex's passion for fashion, and an insight into Knight's continually groundbreaking visions of beauty.


  1. ashy
    15:57 13 Jul 2011
    This is an absorbing interview that refreshingly clears up a number of misconceptions i have always had about both photography and NK himself.
    He refers to fashion image making as a collaboration, and to my mind it has always been such, though as a photographer myself, i had really only thought it was between the stylist, hair, makeup and hopefully the model - but Nick has taken it to new levels, with updated media, speed of transmission, and revealing the methods designers use to attain their artform.
    i grew up in an earlier photographic world (i started about 5 years before nick) where it was more an individual & personal take on things - i had always come across photographers i worked for as solo practicioners, hiding their "art" from their competitors and working is lonely isolation in order to create their personal vision.
    Being aware of many reference points that Nick had referred to over the years made me think of him as a magpie of ideas, whereas i had always tried to create original visions, but there are only so many unique viewpoints a person can come up with before one starts to repeat the idea ad nauseum, and that is where i went.
    I remember Nick, at an early meeting, asking me my thoughts on photography, and my rather stupid unthought answer was that i was bored by photography, at which he audibly gasped. I really was bored of my narrow world, spending more time trying to get work then actually doing it, and repeatedly being curtailed in my more artistic endeavours, and repetition had started.
    nick has brilliantly become so much more than just a photographer - i used to describe him as more an art director than photographer, because of the way he transformed so many areas of the photographic world - the photographic printers role (cutting out new silouettes to his portraits), created a new colour palette (cross-process), and has played with every form of visual tool (x-rays, movie, time-lapse, slow-mo, etc etc etc).
    He has extended more than just the way that fashion can be viewed, he has given image making the refresh it so desperately needed. Bravo.
  2. paul.herron
    12:53 5 Aug 2011
    Superb video!