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Book Club is back with The Anatomy of Fashion

We're excited to announce that our next Book Club is just around the corner. On the 30 October 2013 SHOWstudio's Lou Stoppard will be discussing Colin McDowell's new book The Anatomy of Fashion: Why We Dress the Way We Do with the renowned fashion commentator himself, as well as The Independent's Alex Fury, The Sunday Times Style's Richard Gray and Claudia Croft, and Mr Porter's Jeremy Langmead. 

McDowell's new publication is an all-encompassing exploration of the history of clothing. The groundbreaking book reveals how clothing from every period in human history has influenced the way we dress today. 

McDowell reveals that Ancient Greek women were the first to wear bras and that in Elizabethan England women indicated their availability for marriage by baring the tops of their breasts. He traces how and why hemlines have risen and fallen over time, why white is the colour of mourning in India, why shoes weren't made with different shapes for right and left until the 1860s, as well as many more intriguing stories.

Tune in at 13.30 GMT to hear our experts in action.


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  1. super fly
    16:00 23 Oct 2013
    looks like a cool book