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BRAND NEW Charles Jeffrey fashion film and process film

This weeks sees the launch of more exclusive footage from our Boy Meets Wool: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY LiveStudio

Take a look at the process film by Ellie Tsatsou which condenses the coverage of the three day LiveStudio into a short film. The film shows the highlights of the team's production of the garments and the creation of the unique set. 

Today also sees the launch of a new fashion film created by Raquel Couceiro from the footage of the spectacular final performance by Kevin Le Grand Bailor. See the performance artist wearing the final ensemble and the dramatic set. 

For your chance to own the garments created in the Boy Meets Wool: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY LiveStudio head over to our SHOWstudio/Machine-A store, where the one-of-a-kind items will be available.