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Brand new Kate Moss GIFs

Nick Knight began his Editing Kate series in 2011 as a means of celebrating and unpicking Kate Moss' status as one of the world's most photographed women. Knight invited a selection of contemporary video editors to 'interpret' Kate Moss' iconic image, crafting their own fashion film from footage captured during Knight's editorial for the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia.

A reference for the Vogue shoot was the work of acclaimed fetish photographer Elmer Batters, who focused on capturing women from the feet up with an emphasis on stockings, soles and legs. Inspired in part by this approach, Knight aimed to capture a different viewpoint of a woman, reversing how she looks by capturing her from different, unusual vantages, hence the sensual final result.

While the original shoot aimed to offer a different viewpoint of Moss, this latest addition to the series - launched to coincide with Christie's Kate Moss auction - also offers a new vision of the GIF. Knight celebrates the GIF as a dynamic way of showing fashion in motion, presenting sets of GIFs in individual tableaux with the dual aim of exploring different views of the same small movement and embracing the human eye's semi-sexual relationship with repetition - another nod to the fetishistic undertones of the shoot.

The grids feature sixteen looping clips per grid, and fall in an interesting zone of being between a still and video. See Kate in action now!