by Penny Martin .

Bruce Weber Special

Eva Lindemann and Nathaniel Kilser present Bruce Weber Special
Dino Dinco and Diane Pernet invite new submissions to 'You Wear It Well 2' festival as part of their 'You Wear It Well' presentation
Dino Dinco, Penny Martin, Diane Pernet and Alexandra Farah at 'Collaborative Journalism' discussion panel

São Paulo has quite a thirst for fashion film: a faithful group of Paulistans have been attending each and every event the Iguatemi festival has staged. A highlight last night was a presentation of Bruce Weber shorts given by his film editor Eva Lindemann and his books co-ordinator/archivist Nathaniel Kilcer.

So great have been the problems in clearing the music and film clips for what began as 'home movie' projects (Chop Suey has 93 music cues alone) that his films have rarely been seen. Eva and Nathan are in São Paulo to announce that this is about to change as the work has finally been done and the films are about to start being released.

The shorts are more autobiographical than the features I have seen and touching for it: I was particularly struck by a 'filmic acceptance speech' created on receiving the ICP Live Achievement Award in 2005, in which Bruce Weber divulges as much about his career and photographic process as he does his own life, friends and fantasies.


  1. vjlens
    16:12 27 Aug 2007
    hY there! It is nice to see the event of the photos!
    I hope, sometimes I can be there and take part too!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    09:58 28 Aug 2007
    .....Is there a video or a a printed version of the panel's discussion available ?
  3. ChrisSummerfield
    10:09 28 Aug 2007
    Great. One of the highest priced photographers of today, what a fantastic life this man has had.?
  4. ChrisSummerfield
    10:11 28 Aug 2007
    One of the highest earning photographers of the day.
    What a fantastc life tis man has had welldone team.?
  5. LeticiaRommel
    01:04 30 Aug 2007
    it's good to have news from Brazil!