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Budding Genius

The germination period is almost over: these images detail the final stages of set designer Glyn Owen’s creation of the unique environment around which to photograph Kate Moss. Watch our live broadcast from 11am tomorrow Wednesday 12th December to observe the final flowering of Nick Knight's Flowers For Kate shoot.

See our very own English rose Ms Moss in the flesh, observe the creative process blooming, and of course find out if your lovingly-amassed flowers made the final cut to be incorporated into the as-yet-mysterious foliate sculpture. Poet Roddy Lumsden will also be writing a piece live on set to be used in the final film based around the shoot.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    17:41 11 Dec 2007
    ... really interesting to see what various kind of interpretations by the juxtaposition of the elements chosen are able to arouse in the viewers' personal feelings of the final result, beside the main act of photographing Kate Moss as the principal personage in the project ... so to speak