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Café Conversations with Carlo Brandelli and Roland Mouret

The latest addition to our Café Conversations series is an intimate discussion between two talents who have made an inimitable mark on the wardrobes of both men and women over the past decade. Carlo Brandelli, former creative director of the Kilgour brand - whose sensationally stripped-back tailoring was internationally acclaimed during Brandelli's tenure - speaks to Roland Mouret, the French-born London-based talent whose late nineties demi-couture approach rapidly evolved into a reclamation and rejuvenation of the codes of fifties Parisian haute couture. Recorded live on Friday in-house at SHOWstudio, this conversation captures this pair of long-standing friends in one-on-one conversation in our Bruton Place gallery space.

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  1. francescacollella
    10:25 4 May 2012
    Brilliant conversation ! , a glimpse into the creative minds.