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Carlo Brandelli - the designer returns!

Today, we were visited by the truly wonderful Carlo Brandelli for this year's first In Fashion interview with Lou Stoppard. And what an interview to start with! 

Brandelli announced his return to Kilgour, sharing on our live broadcast, 'I think there is a gap for Saville Row to step forward and readdress how men dress.' After hearing this, as well as anecdotes from the begginings of his design career - which featured the likes of Isabella Blow, Peter Saville and even the Beastie Boys - it's safe to say we are very excited to see what venture this formidable designer embarks on.

Make sure you tune in on Monday 6 January 2014, when on-demand footage from today's live interview will be released alongside a very special Kilgour film by Nick Knight. What better way ring in the menswear season?!