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Carlo's Way

Peter Saville

Added this week to the Kilgour Campaign Portfolio is a series of movies made on-set with Nick Knight and Peter Saville. In accompanying interviews, Kilgour's Creative Director Carlo Brandelli talks us through how each shot was achieved. Filmed over the last six seasons, since Brandelli took over at Kilgour; ‘Icon’, ‘Pool’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Sun’ tell the story behind the campaign images and how a “no-show” by a well known British actor projected a well known British graphic designer into the role of male model.


  1. Turbo
    22:55 19 Jul 2007
    Fantastic stuff. I really like this shoot and im a big fan of Peter Saville so this addition was just great. Really inspiring- thanks for sharing.
  2. ChrisSummerfield
    10:15 20 Jul 2007
    Welcome back Turbo, hope all is good with you in Iceland
  3. Lucluc
    16:01 20 Jul 2007
    I fully agree on turbos comment. And just for the record: I enjoy this site very much; in terms of getting knowledge and getting inspired; projects like this one make me feel like being in sort of an online-artschool, big up!
  4. juantrujillo
    12:44 21 Jul 2007
    Great coments in the videos. Actually, they show prety well the complex structure of a fasihon shot and how all the elements and persons taking part finally agree to come up with the definitive idea. It proves that it is not only about a certain look, it is much more about concepts and the best way to make them work.
  5. EveryonesWaiting
    01:38 24 Jul 2007
    Does anybody have the Gwen Stefani 'Love Angel Music Baby' PDF's 1-16? If you do, could you email them to me at Thanks heaps in advance!
  6. francescacollella
    10:27 4 May 2012
    These are fantastic !