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Carrie Scott takes part in Grey Goose's Iconoclasts of Taste

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SHOWstudio's very own Shop Director Carrie Scott has been selected as an Iconoclast of Taste and a leading advisory figure for Grey Goose's new project, Iconoclasts of Taste. The project sets out to find the next generation of emerging talent, with Scott joined on the panel by fashion designer Giles Deacon, mixologist Tony Conigliaro and chef Nuno Mendes.

Scott was identified for her groundbreaking work revolutionising the gallery space with Nick Knight as part of SHOWstudio, and re-defining the methods in which art is presented, discussed and sold. Scott used this experience to help select, along with the other three judges, the next generation of Iconoclasts for the Grey Goose brand to debut and suport.

View Scott's work as part of the project above now!



  1. jenene
    00:38 26 Jun 2013
    Her accent is v inconsistent. Sounds like a Yank trying to be British.
  2. CarrieScott
    12:41 27 Jun 2013
    Thanks for your feedback Jenene. I am indeed British born, but lived in the States for some 20 years. Now that I have been back in the UK for sometime, I feel my american accent slipping away with some words, and not with others. Not sure of the way around that.
  3. rei.nadal
    20:31 27 Jun 2013
    You go, girl. xx