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Cartes De Tendresse - Amanda Harlech collaborates with SHOWstudio

Few have had such an incredible fashion journey as Lady Amanda Harlech. As a long-term creative collaborator of Karl Lagerfeld, Harlech acts as, in her own words, 'a map-reader, a pathfinder', offering up a plethora of research and references to the designer. Before this she won acclaim for her work alongside British designer John Galliano, prior to which she was a stylist and fashion editor at Harpers & Queen. Harlech will be looking back on her very fashionable career in a forthcoming collaboration with SHOWstudio and Nick Knight, titled Maps of Tenderness. The reflective ten-part initiative will see Harlech revisit poignant 'flashpoints' in her life, from childhood to the present, to offer up ten distinct projects.

In an exclusive preview of the initiative, Harlech addressed crowds at The 2012 Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, discussing key moments of her fashion journey, including her life-changing collaborative relationships. Hear Harlech's talk in full now, exclusively on SHOWstudio...

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