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Cartes de Tendresses is updated with exclusive new footage
Lady Amanda Harlech

Although launched a little while back, this fantastic footage of Lady Amanda Harlech’s newest venture with SHOWstudio, Cartes de Tendresse, has been upgraded with exclusive black and white images of Harlech’s childhood. Translated from the French as 'Maps of Tenderness', Cartes de Tendresse sees Lady Harlech talk with honesty and wisdom - qualities which explain why she is such a recognised and influential voice in fashion (her creative director services have advised legends like Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano). As she sits cross legged on a makeshift stage in oversized dungarees and a breton striped t-shirt, Harlech passionately introduces the details of this exciting conceptual project - a ten-part reflective collaboration with SHOWstudio which sees Harlech exploring various poignant ‘flashpoints’ in her fashion journey. Here, Harlech puts three of the ten ‘flashpoints’ into context while surrounded by numerous analog television sets stacked in pyramids, exquisite designer dresses and expressive mood-boards. Make sure to watch this fantastic introductory film in preparation for this exciting forthcoming series. 


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  1. Lori
    00:12 9 Jan 2013
    -"when i see her in magazines she is alayws breathtaking, i just have to pause and stare. she's like a mermaid, giving you a glimpse of herself to show you that the impossible is gushing like a kid :)"