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Caryn Franklin writes for Fashion Fetish

The lack of body variance in fashion imagery is an age-old sore-point. But there's no-one really more qualified to make an informed case on the issue than fashion commentator Caryn Franklin. Co-founder - alongside Debra Bourne and Erin O’Connor - of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, an initiative focused on championing diversity within the fashion industry, Franklin has long been an advocate of the importance of broadening the types of women represented in fashion imagery.

Her work couldn't be more fitted to Marie Schuller's Fashion Fetish offering Visiting Hour. The film displays a potent vision of a sensual, confident and powerful older woman, offering an antidote to the narrow view of female sensuality often portrayed by mass media outlets.

In our latest essay Franklin explores society's tempestuous relationship with the sexual older female. She asks boldly, 'Why is adult female sexuality threatening? Why does the mind and spirit of a full-grown woman need restraining? Why does our media condemn women to appear as sexualised girls? And why, the one I ask most frequently...Why does the fashion industry prioritise the infantilised form?' Read on now.