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We've had over 400 casting entries so far from Somerset House and the standard is high! We're working hard to get the project set up and hope to have it ready for launch next week.


  1. Wyeth2Parrish
    01:36 1 Oct 2009
    Nice layout and design.My first day looking at your page and look forward to bringing something soon to share......)
    Cheers,love & joy!
    ~ Wyeth 2 Parrish.~
  2. Wyeth2Parrish
    03:27 1 Oct 2009
    Just to clarify my comment is in regards to the design of Showstudio's over all design and layout for a webpage.Keeping it clean.I like it.I look forward to Castings page when ready to be viewed.
    ~ .Wyeth.2.Parrish. ~
  3. RichardWright
    00:18 8 Oct 2009
    Hi...just a query really. Why isnt Solve Sunsbo's interview posted?? Also Tim Walkers interview wasn't very insightful, considering he used to assist Avedon??? That would have been fascinating to hear about. Very poor interviewer. Finally, very disappointed with Nicks Wallpaper shoot, didnt even buy it, I saw some GREAT shots taken that werent used, perhaps the next stage with ShowStudio would be for US to vote on the final edit. Now THATS interaction!! Rx
  4. RichardWright
    00:24 8 Oct 2009
    Ps. I know this might not be the place for these comments, but not sure where else to make my hopefully constructive critisisms. The Emperor sometimes actually doesnt have any clothes on, though I, for one, rarely if ever hear anyone dare to say so...Its a two way street, at least I hope that's always been Nick's intention...?
  5. nickknight
    00:37 8 Oct 2009
    Hello Richard, yes absolutely a 'two way street'.
    Solves interview will be going up soon, as will Richards and Alexander McQueens but we are a very very small team (still) with a huge amount of work to do.
    Finally, I love the idea of letting the audience choose the edit, I just have to find the right job.
    Best wishes,
  6. alex.fury
    00:49 8 Oct 2009
    Hello Richard,
    Further to Nick's comment (and really underlining the very ethos of I felt it may be illuminating to answer your question with an insight into the process behind these films (and the hold up!). To edit our 'In Fashion' interview films, first a transcript must be typed - which, for such a comprehensive interview, takes at least two concentrated days of someone's time. Then an edit of this transcript must be made, a rough edit of the film made purely on the interview content, and then visual decisions made about the crops of the film. Finally ((after these crops have been decided, other edits made and the whole thing polished) the film must be graded, which due to the quality of the footage takes a day, minimum. As you can see by some simple mathematics, this is, by necessity, a lengthy process. At the moment it hasn't been physically possible for us to get the film on the site - my own conspicuous absence at London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks (out of the office for almost a month - and still going!) is a major reason behind this. Not sure if I caught pneumonia in the tropical storm outside (and inside!!) the Galliano venue, but hope to be back in the office, fighting fit, very soon!
  7. RichardWright
    23:23 9 Oct 2009
    Hi Nick, thanks for your, and Alex's, gracious replies. Apologies for the rant, just wanted to hear some, ANY!?, rare personal insights from Tim about Avedon's working procedures, structured 3 year (I believe?)assistant schedule, and maybe an anecdote or two...A rare priviledge!?
    Also Wallpaper shoot...yep, its was great, I know, but watched all 3 days and was disappointed with the edit...Im glad you like the idea about voting on images, makes sense to me, though maybe not to the client!!?? Hopefully an ideal job will present itself...Looking forward to Solve interview, fingers crossed for interesting info..!? I remain always an admirer.Richard