by Penny Martin .

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2006

Every year at the Saint Martin's BA show, it seems, there is a celebrity draw. Anita Pallenberg, Sienna Miller's sister Savannah or perhaps Paul McCartney's daughter Stella; you can feel the schaddenfreud in the air as the crowd gathers to see whether the famous people are actually any good or not. The focus of tonight's scrutiny was upon the Versace neice, Francesca. As the above picture phone snap attests, with its fluttering, colourful chiffons and ubiquitous handbags with their metallic trims, Francesca Versace's Euro glam collection didn't stray too far from the family nest.

Sadly none of our favourites were rewarded with prizes, but for us, the clear winner was the knitwear. Laura Walcot presented a darling collection of what looked like children's playwear featuring tapestry, needlepoint and tiny tasselled detailing and Kelly Townsend delighted the audience with a jolly 1920s bathing scene comprising slouchy, jersey swimwear. A big 'awww' went out to the poodle accompanying Stephanie White's lovely full skirts, but she also deserved a reaction for the precision of her detailing. Similarly, Larissa Virdee's navy and white chequered, bling encrusted tableau struck an intelligent, urban chord. There wasn't much menswear among the forty students shown, but we really enjoyed Matteo Bigliardi's collection with its beautifully light proportions, ankle-length trousers and tulle trenches.

A special mention should go to those who projected 'Moving Fashion' as an interpretive backdrop to their work. Charlotte Hocklin, Kelly Townsend and Edeline Lee - we, of all people, know how much extra work the creation of even the shortest of fashion films takes, so congratulations to you three for going the extra mile!!