by Alexander Fury .

Chanel Press Day

Gilded lions' heads by Desrues buried in verdigris-encrusted chains like buried treasure? Biker boots covered in silky, fruit pastel-coloured bouclé tweed? A boxy, quilted leather handbag studded with enamelled ladybirds (chain-strap included)? Mon dieu, mesdames et messieurs, we could really only be at the Chanel press day!

Having staged his spring collection in a monochrome recreation of Le Nôtre's trimmed and topiaried jardin à la française at Versailles, perhaps those ladybirds could be expected - alongside a few lacy dragonflies and a couple of gilt bee-clasps on those Chanel handbags.

But they also collided with all the old-school Chanel-isms customers know and love: quitting, camellias, lots of tweed and a landslide of costume jewellery. The aforementioned lions' heads (created by master button-maker and costume jeweller Desrues) studded necklaces and bangles, the latter also cropping up studded with Maltese crosses in cabochon gems, and even striated with glitter. As for that double-C insignia? That was splattered with gay abandon across everything from hi-top trainers to the backs of those metallic picnic-invading ladybirds flecking the surface of the new 2.55.