by Amanda Harlech .

Chanel Spring 2012 - From The Sound Desk
Karl's Purified Ocean World

Watch Uma fend off a shoal of Paps…. 


Synthesized Wagner like dolphin mixed with whale song before Michel ratchets it up into Tristan and Isolde 

…as Etienne (production) counts down the start of the show beside me. 


Rehearsal complete - the timing is crucial as the giant cockleshell has to open at the right moment for Florence to emerge and sing her siren song.

Drink too many espressos with Olivier Wicker from Liberation. We try and work out why Karl is such a perfectionist.

Good to see Freja and Stella - missed them this summer. Have long talk about tweed and woollen mills with Stella - every stitch has its story.

Panic - first outfits and I'm not in the sound box yet with Michel Goubert (the most privileged seat in the house - thank you Michel and Stephen, Etienne, Stephan and Florence's sound guys).


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  1. 10:59 10 Oct 2011
    Stunning! Amazing to have this in-house voice to talk us through the action. A rare priviledge