by Amanda Harlech .

Chanel Spring 2012 - The Show
Karl's Purified Ocean World

The distilled Chanel suit on Saskia just about says it all for me - line, design, stripped of braids and trims. 

I get warned not to jump around and bump the sound track.

Florence is counted in and the shell opens - her voice is bewitching - a spell of sound…

…and suddenly Karl steps out from the tunnel of bubbles, a pink pearl stuck amongst his diamonds – the sea god himself. Uproar, hugging and tears in the sound box and backstage. 

Love the element of performance in the sound box - the synch with the girls is risky - Etienne tells Guillaume backstage to up the tempo – the collection floods across the white sand in a wash of shell pink, coral, glistening sting ray and luminous sharkskin and abstracted fish scales. 


  1. jon.emmony
    14:25 6 Oct 2011
    That looks incredible...
  2. n
    14:57 6 Oct 2011
    Fantastic to read your thoughts Amanda and to start to see your world. Can't wait for more .
  3. amy.ireland
    12:33 7 Oct 2011
    What a magical world! Thanks for sharing with us Amanda.