by Alexander Fury .

Charge of the Van Beirendonck Brigade!

Pop colour, exaggerated silhouettes and mind-boggling prints - they're all in ample supply as we shoot the first batch of outfits created by stylist Simon Foxton from Walter Van Beirendonck's archives. The plan is to capture over thirty looks across our two days of shooting, after which Nick Knight will painstakingly 'stitch' the shots together to create a monolithic frieze showcasing 'the world of Walter'. Multicoloured and multicultural, true, but the final images will veer away from cartoonish pop references into something slightly darker and more confrontational. In our pre-shoot meeting this morning, Knight commented that Walter's clothes 'always seem to be coming right at you' - and that's certainly the idea as our Technicolor army take to the studio floor in these first shots to establish the mood and motif of the images. Those final friezes will feature in both the MoMu catalogue accompanying the retrospective exhibition of Van Beirendonck's work set to open this September, and also the next issue of fashion tome GQ Style. And, as if that wasn't enough, a travelator is winging its way across London to help us capture these looks in dynamic motion! More of that very very soon...

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  1. CarrieScott
    19:38 23 May 2011
    Pure energy!