by Christabel Stewart .


Whilst the forum has been developing its discussion on US documentary film-maker Jenny Livingston's excellent 'Paris is Burning' from the late 1980s, this library copy of an abridged version (for a British documentary series called Arena) was unearthed for me at the London College of Fashion. Livingston's film remains an important reference point for the history of the ballroom community. assume vivid astro focus' latest set of video clips for cheapcream show a contemporary glimpse into the competitive world of voguing balls. Clips were all taken at Clubhouse NYC last year and demostrate how the movement has kept very much alive and up-to-date within its ever evolving yet tradition-setting scene. See the runway category being performed - a popular tradition of the ballroom scene in which contestants are judged on the quality and originality of their walk, pivoting and turns as well as their chosen outfits.