by Penny Martin .

Christmas Cards: print or digital?

Opinion on the SHOWstudio Christmas card has been a bit split this year: print or digital? I'm always a bit unsure of e-mail cards myself. I get the ecological arguement and appreciate the 'charity donations made on my behalf' but it's a bit cheap, isn't it?! Also, as a website, we're already pretty virtual, so I've always felt that it was important to send out something physical to prove we actually exist!

The sight of some of these beauties we've received proves my point. From left to right, our favourites this year include birds from Modus PR; an early eighteenth century paper cut-out from those kind curators at the V&A; a gorgeous, gilt-edged Yves Saint Laurent campaign shot from the YSL girls; two beautiful illustrations by Julie Verhoeven from Top Shop and Julie herself; a hand-made one by star SHOWstudio viewer Fred Butler; a Henrik Hakansson artwork from Frieze; hats from the lovely Stephen Jones and a photographic print from David Weightman.

I've been persuaded by the studio, however, to send out an e-mail card for the first time. You've done a grand job of 'audience participation' since we relaunched in March, so we reckoned that the SHOWstudio card should no longer be the preserve of a few select contributors, PRs and friends but be extended to viewers too. You deserve it! Make sure you've signed up to our newsletter list (register in LOG IN at the foot of this page) before Thursday to ensure you receive yours!