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Christopher Kane for Topshop

British high-street giant Topshop has turned full-force to fashion film to showcase their latest blockbuster collection by much-feted British design star Christopher Kane. Working with filmmaker and staple Ruth Hogben (whose work will also be included in our upcoming Fashion Revolution exhibition), Kane's collection - all thirty-odd pieces of it - is previewed in this video short. Mirror-encrusted, short-skirted and relentlessly, insistently young, Kane's garments are showcased perfectly via film, with a model animated into vibrant movement to display the flippy, fluid short skirts and glittering embellishment. And to whip up enthusiasm for the collection to fever-pitch, this film has been released a full week before the collection hits store shelves next Friday. No doubt, it is destined to remain on said shelves for very little time indeed.

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