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'Chrysalis' by Emilio de la Morena

Inspired and inflamed by the Lumiere Brother’s extraordinary 1896 film of Loïe Fuller’s Serpentine Dance, Emilio De La Morena utilises his own voluminous garments from A/W 2008 as a basis for his Future Tense film, a spiraling, swirling exploration of cloth in seemingly perpetual motion. Saturated with rich, lush colour, print and texture the effect is mesmerising, intoxicating and – like a glass of that other fin de siècle favourite, absinthe - more than a touch psychedelic.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    12:41 28 Aug 2008
    " ...the female dancer will eventually return to the cultural and even intellectual center stage with a vengeance. Described as a poet and metaphysician in her own right, she appears in nineteenth-century Paris as the true muse of poets and philosophers. "
    Felicia McCarren