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On demand footage of the Claire Barrow LiveStudio is now available!

For the first in our Flora LiveStudio series, and to coincide with Nick Knight’s exhibition in our Bruton Place headquarters, London-based designer Claire Barrow created a bespoke leather biker jacket for The Horrors front man, Faris Badwan. Studying from a series of roses, Barrow painted directly onto the jacket, all whilst discussing her design process and the reasoning behind the qualities she attains when using acrylic and leather. Having previously shown at Fashion East and collaborated with British brand Joseph, Barrows' signature approach uses D.I.Y techniques such as hand-painting to emphasise a sense of individuality in every piece. Don’t miss this opportunity to re-watch the uncut footage of Barrows' creation and also see Badwan inject his own post-punk personality into this unique garment!


  1. Manoel
    04:32 9 Jan 2013
    Keep these articles coming as they've onpeed many new doors for me.
  2. Titi
    04:33 9 Jan 2013
    Your post makes my heart happy!! It is overcast today but warm. The robnis, bluebirds, and redwing blackbirds are here. The geese and sandhill cranes are waving as they pass overhead......I love Spring.