by Sarah Piantadosi .


One of my favourite shoots of 2014 (so far) was a multidisciplinary project for Under the Influence Magazine and SHOWstudio. For this project I worked with stylist Ellie Grace Cumming to photograph punk singer and artist Aza Shade. We wanted to show the different guises Aza adopts during her stage performances and cut the story into sections devoted to these characters. The Marquis de Sade, Iggy Pop, Stevie Nicks and KISS were amongst our inspirations.

What resulted was not only a fashion story, but also a fashion film called The Misfortune of Desire where black and white visuals of Aza are accompanied by a spoken word piece by No Wave sorceress Lydia Lunch. Nick Knight stepped in to add yet another dimension to this story, creating an audiovisual interview with Aza that accompanied the piece both in print and on SHOWstudio.

For me it's always an interesting challenge to approach photography from a new angle by making room for new collaborators. It often creates a more complex process, but through that process you inevitably find surprising, and ultimately rewarding ways to create new work. See the images in Under the Influence Magazine.