by Andrew Gow .


Couture prowess was championed at CSM’s BA show last night in Bethnal Green as Jack Isenberg collected First Prize for his very un-London collection of fan-frilled, accordian pleat and rebato-neck gowns (sorry about the picture, must have stumbled into some harsh lighting). The rest of the show ran the gamut from samurai-slut for the girls to Grecian geek chic for the boys (Theo Anastasato – 2nd prize) and there were also a few designers trying to ride the Christopher Kane wave. Despite some over-referencing in places, many of these were very pretty indeed.


  1. mr.alan
    04:52 31 May 2007
    how exciting... is it possible to view pictures of all the collections somewhere? looking forward to seeing some new talent.
  2. AndrewGow
    13:30 1 Jun 2007
    mr. alan, i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for you. have done a news piece but aside from that there doesn't seem to be a running order.