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Cubic Roots

Husam's headphones
Fred Butler

What better way to round of the week than with a trip to Cube PR, set a mere hop skip and a jump (on the 55, that is) away from SHOWstudio. While the free gift - a potted African violet - was definitely the strangest (but also one of the most welcome), the garments on offer made perfect sense for the coming season.

Fred Butler's madcap multicoloured creations are always worthy of attention. This season, Fred's inimitable accessories come in perspex and acrylic, while the wit truly is on the head, with whimsical appliqued satin deer fashioned into earmuffs, and pyramid structures worthy of I M Pei atop the best-dressed bonces. Showcased at Lulu Kennedy's Fashion East, NOKI's 'NHS' couture is an exercise in true one-off manship: each garment, consisting of slashed and fettered t-shirts rehashed into spectacular ballgowns, is a unique piece hand-sewn, slashed and customised from second-hand scraps.

Menswear was especially strong. Established maverick Siv Stodal showed knitwear, tailoring and cotton jersey seperates seemingly inspired by odd combo of Alpine retreats and rave, thankfully old-school as opposed to anything of the neon-slathered 'nu' variety: Husam el Odeh's silver Walkman headphones dangling as a rather dashing necklace over a photo-print poloneck a great case in point. Newcomer Sophie Hulme's collection alighted on a similar vibe, but her survival wear came encrusted in laser-cut acrylic planes or sequins, or danging chains and whistles (literally). Chic and somewhat practical - if ever running short of oxygen on the upper echelons of Sloane Street, that is.