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Daphne Guinness's McQueen just sold for £65,000!

We are all so proud of Daphne Guinness and her amazingly generous sale at Christies in aid of The Isabella Blow Foundation. This silver sculptured minidress, made for Daphne in 2008 by Alexander McQueen, just sold for a staggering £65,000!

Touchingly, 2008 also saw McQueen honour the late Isabella Blow, basing his S/S collection on her flamboyant style and their personal friendship. 

To follow Daphne's incredible sale watch the live stream now on


  1. Xu Huan
    21:07 27 Jun 2012
    love you you!
  2. Jace
    16:08 2 Jul 2012
    Uncertain what there is to be 'proud' of here ? She bought dresses and then sold them. I'm not proud of ebay...