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11:00 - 21:00 on December 15 2018 GMT

by Alexander Fury .

Day I

...And lo, there was light! Or something to similar effect, as we are currently setting up our stark, severe white studio in West London for the first day of Nick Knight's shoot for V57. Our model Lily Donaldson is being groomed courtesy of Val, Sam and Marian and we are awaiting Nick's imminent arrival. Of course, when all the action starts on set we'll be streaming video and audio live, alongside edited highlights, features and interviews documenting this three-day fashion spectacle as it unfolds.


  1. katiej
    16:25 10 Nov 2008
    Wow, Lily's looking great. It's so amazing to see the pictures 'as they happen', can't wait to see more outfits.
  2. TorErik
    19:30 10 Nov 2008
    I really like your introduction Alex, and especially when you touch and explain each garment. I think it should be showstudios task now: educating and discussing
    For me, as a blogger trying to express thoughts about fashion without being directly involved, this provides great help. These times, when young bloggers have so much power, I find it important that there's information too, not just must-haves and random opinions
  3. alex.fury
    15:12 13 Nov 2008
    I'm glad you like them tor - to be frank, I always love getting my hands on the amazing items Jonathon Kaye procures for each shoot, and especially getting the chance to see them through his eyes as opposed to through a catwalk edit.
    I think it was Marcus Werner Hed who called me a 'Fashion Trainspotter' on this shoot - and it's true. I would probably be unhealthily obsessed with something else if I wasn't in fashion, but I'm incredibly lucky that clothes are both what I love and what I get to deal with every single day. And it's really great that I get to share this, in some way, with everyone else.
    Anyway, enough from me. Glad I wasn't too 'fashion theory' hardcore!
  4. NestorOsuna
    12:55 22 Mar 2009
    Hi Alex, J'adore your interview with Lily Donaldson and the way of the reportage, I think that you are so good in took about fashion, Congratulations, Nestor
  5. DylanB123
    13:16 21 May 2009
    does the footage unedited from this shoot still exist!?
  6. nickknight
    13:41 21 May 2009
    Hello Dylan B123,