by Laura Bradley .

Day I at the Erotic House

Proceedings are well underway on day one of our live broadcast of Soft Furnishings - The Erotic House of Peter Saville. We've been streaming live action direct from the studio since noon, but shooting began later than planned -our stellar team headed by Peter Saville and Nick Knight were intent on getting everything just right- and our models arrived on set just after 16:00 BST. Stylist Francesca Burns dressing the Erotic House's 'characters' in a glorious array of Autumn/Winter designs: we've witnessed Mariacarla in a striking red leather Prada coat and our 'debonair male' in a luxurious Tom Ford robe (one of Saville's trademark looks).

If you missed action from earlier today, we've just launched our first 'highlight' film incorporating footage shot during the first shot, featuring Mariacarla in a highly-sought after Yves Saint Laurent leather body-suit. With two more shots left to complete, a couple of interviews to squeeze in and Saville's well-known love of working late into the night, we can guarantee that we're going to be with you for sometime yet.