by Penny Martin .

Day II Begins

If you were watching yesterday's antics on set and are expecting more of the same today, then get set for a change of tone. Most of Galliano's 'hairy mammoths' have now been captured in what Simon described this morning as the more 'aggressive' sequence of the story. Today's task will be to balance that with something gentler. We just watched them manoeuvre the camera into place a minute ago, so there should be half-dressed men on your computer screen before long...


  1. CHOi
    13:50 22 Feb 2007
    Sorry, does anyone know why can't I watch that?
    Actually , yesterday I tried and tried to connect it .
    But voilà until now it's not working. I really want to watch that.
  2. PennyMartin
    13:54 22 Feb 2007
    Ohhh, you're really testing us. What IS it? Botticelli? Fra Angelico? The flying Lippi brothers?
  3. CHOi
    14:07 22 Feb 2007
    I'm sorry, I can't really understand. What do you mean ?
  4. PennyMartin
    15:04 22 Feb 2007
    They've torn down a bit of the colorama to reveal what looks like an architectural study from a Renaissance painting. Looks recognisable, but just can't put a name to it. Can you?
  5. FrancoiuParisBooker
    16:09 22 Feb 2007
    Yes, doesn't it look Fab. Did you see Charlie - Think he is from D1 models in London. He has a very good look an amazing body with a stong face. Tried to record it with my quick time, ended up having to record him on my phone.
    He had his arms up holding the sheet twisting his body. SUPERB !!!
  6. FrancoiuParisBooker
    16:13 22 Feb 2007
    Did you catch the model Charlie, I think he is from D1 Models London. His arms was up holding on to the back screen twisting his amazing body. Charlie has a great look with a strong face.
    I tried to record him with my quick time but ended up recording it on my mobile. I would like to see if I can get in contact with him ... SUPERB !!
  7. FrancoiuParisBooker
    16:15 22 Feb 2007
    Does anyone here know Charlie, WOW. The shoot with him alone was amazing, I was captured to my screen !! I would like to try and get in contact with him to take him to paris, I think we could do a lot with him
  8. marko
    11:56 23 Feb 2007
    Does the photo shoot ‘BEASTINGS’ challenge the metanarratives of post-modernism, or is it a direct negation of western consumerism and cultural values, within a post-colonial discourse? It seems that Galliano is making an implicit political statement on the west’s fascination with ‘primitive’ cultures, within the domain of haute couture makes it even more political and controversial, due to the position of haute couture within western society: high cultural consumerist values conflates with cultures of ‘otherness’, this in turn produces a visual dissonance that is both disturbing and familiar.
    Galliano is a good example of a bricoleur; but is it accurate to describe Galliano’s fashion designs as being ‘prehistoric fashions’? It is well know that Galliano spent a considerable period of time in North Africa, and this influence can clearly be seen in some of his more outlandish designs. I doubt that that the period when Stonehenge was built would have provided the complex iconography employed in his designs, which touch on contemporary academic debates regarding the re-appropriation of western culture within local and regional cultural constructions. Is the ‘BEASTINGS’ photo shoot a modernist and colonial interpretation of the some of elements within Galliano’s fashion collection that have been derived from sophisticated ‘primitive’ cultural practices? And does the photo shoot negate the importance of the rich cultural connotations of Galliano’s designs within a post-colonial and global perspective?
    The photo shoot seems to be done by trial and error with a vague idea regarding the final outcome, rather than basing the intention of the shoot on theories or a preconceived approach.
    The “BEASTINGS’ shoot has adopted an intuitive approach to the subject matter, this is the case with the vast majority of fashion shoots currently being done. Steven Klein is one of the few fashion photographers who does not adopt this approach, and mainly produces work that is both enigmatic with a strong emotional narrative. Can a ‘let it happen approach’ produce pictures that are both compelling to look at while also transcending current notions of fashion photography, with its ‘let it happen approach’? And would a theoretical approach that incorporates complex metanarratives produce work that transcends the logocentric nature of fashion photography, within the simulacra of visual media overload?
    From what I have seen of the photo shoot it seems that it has adopted a Eurocentric and phallocentric approach. Am I correct in this assumption?
    And finally, it would be interesting to see a fashion shoot based around the theme of hypermodernity in the near future. Could this theme be interpreted convincingly within fashion photography?
  9. teru
    02:22 14 Apr 2007
    Is there move files of this project I can see now?
    I missed this!