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Day II: Process and Preparation

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Eagle-eyed SHOWstudio viewers will have noticed that we have removed one of yesterday's Let There Be Light 'highlights'. The last look of the day featuring model Lily Donaldson in Alexander McQueen's intricate, computer digitised print look, didn't quite fit stylistically when compared with the austere, minimalism of our first two outfits. As Nick and the team are keen for our highlights to reflect the looks that will feature in V magazine's editorial, the decision was made to remove the highlight from the project. Standing by our commitment to unveil the entire process of creativity, we thought it only right to document this part of the shoot. However, outtakes of this particular can be viewed above and another highlight, documenting Fashion Director Alex Fury's rigorous examination of the fantastical exoskeletal McQueen jacket will be uploaded later today.

Meanwhile, the team are currently preparing for another day of live fashion broadcasting. Stay tuned!


  1. RichardWright
    13:53 11 Nov 2008
    Hey guys....just wondering if you have decided not to have any volume on the live stream today, or maybe my mac is playing up, but I hope everyone else watching will agree that sound makes it much more a live experience, if anyone else watching reads this can you let me know if the sound is actually on...!? Thanks. R
  2. RichardWright
    13:56 11 Nov 2008
    Ok, Ive got sound now.....! Sorry....
  3. RichardWright
    00:32 12 Nov 2008
    Hi...I dont know if this blog gets read by the team as no-one else seems to be posting...!? However Im going to post a couple more comments and perhaps they may be answered...?
    I really didnt know until listening to Nicks interview that all the images will be in black and white...! I'd be interested to know why and when that was decided, as surely the era being referenced was full of colour? I guess that choice decided the fairly monochromatic clothes being used (please correct me if Im wrong).
    I'd like to ask, from a technical point of view, why Nick is shooting digitally? I realise its an editorial shoot, so I guess not funded, so is that why Nick isnt using some of his rare discontinued stash of 809 Polaroid?? It seems the whole shoot process changes with digital shoots, everyone grouping around a monitor mid shoot to see if you have the shot(s) yet... surely with film, and polaroids, you wouldnt collaberate as much during the shoot with everyone, nor shoot as much as you have with digital? It seems that the shoot process is perhaps more loose, more...something? Im not sure what Im asking but it feels different to a film shoot, Id love to hear Nicks views on the two different ways of shooting (Im not really bothered which is better visually, each has its merits, but what changes when using either medium on a shoot?)
    Its also obvious to me how important not only the team is, but also the choice of model, as Lily is truly exceptional and Im sure that Nick would agree that Lily is making the shoot run very smoothly with her professionalism, she doesnt need much direction and gives Nick new pose after pose,really thinking about what can be done with each garment, great! just thought Id mention that.
    Well, if there's anyone else out there who is spending all three days glued to their monitor Id like some feedback, preferable from a member of the team, though I know you are all busy busy...
    Thanks to Nick, as usual, for sharing his much loved work with all of his admirers. Great!
  4. KaWai
    01:45 12 Nov 2008
    I think just realistically when you got a whole team of hair, make up, model, assistant-it makes sense to use the latest available technology to see the immediately result. It's quite authentic as the model is pre-retouched when seen in this medium...we are only documenting the process, which is the most interesting part of creating fantasy.
  5. alex.fury
    10:24 12 Nov 2008
    Hello Richard,
    Firstly, apologies for our rather lacklustre response time! Unfortunately, it's the nature of these live events that, while you would like to be glued to your screen and monitoring the website, that's not always possible.
    I can't speak about the technicalities of the shoot, but I can certainly address some of the aesthetic issues you raise. I'm not sure which era you are thinking of as full of colour - the clothes are very forward-thinking and futuristic rather than reminiscent of a distinct period: quite austere and focussed on emphatic, graphic shape as opposed to colour or decorative detail. I feel the use of black-and-white photography is to obliterate any colour and focus on the clothing shapes and monochrome graphic qualities. When Nick and I talked about the Renaissance it was specifically as a reference for the make-up and hair, and in a sense a definite contrast to the futurism of the fashion.
    I hope this addresses at least some of the queries! And I hope you enjoy the final day too...
  6. RichardWright
    14:33 12 Nov 2008
    Hi Alex, thankyou for your reply, and clearly up my confusion with reference to the Renaissance, make-up and hair, not colours and clothes...!? And Ive just realised Nick wouldn't need to use 10x8 colour polaroid for a black and white shoot...doh! I love the movement images today...Brilliant! Thanks again. Richard