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Day One At Port Eliot

Firstly, may i apolgize for not blogging over the weekend. My phone decided to have a hissy-fit as soon as i got to the festival so there wasnt much i could do untill i got back to london. Anyway On to the festival. We got to the campsite at 6, just after Alex Furys 1st talk and when everyone started to get ready for the night ahead. We had Gaz Mayall, a talk on Tequila and many more odd thing to come. Tom Conran spoke very nicely about his favorite drink and his own brand but most of us got distracted by the human poataoe head dancing outside the tent.  Gaz delvied everything he promised as per usual, giving the night an amazing start to the night and the weekend. As anyone who has seen him live before will know his stage presence is spectacular and he really got everyone in the best of moods. The picture above is of the walk to the Bowling green stage which overlooked the estate